George Ranch Historical Park –
Visitor Map

Visitors to the George Ranch Historical Park were having difficulty finding their way around the extensive site. Interpretive Insights developed an elegant, hand-illustrated map for guidance. This popular map has made a vast improvement to on-site orientation, and has also reduced the staff time needed for visitor assistance.

Buffalo Bayou Partnership –
Nature Park Signage

Interpretive Insights worked with the Buffalo Bayou Partnership to develop exciting new interpretation for installation at Buffalo Bend Nature Park in Houston’s East End. Our signage tells a fascinating story of the site’s transformation from abandoned industrial land to a vibrant nature park which will one day be connected by multi-use trails to the Downtown Houston area.

Bayou Preservation Association –
Interpretive Signage

The three-panel display that Interpretive Insights developed for the Bayou Preservation Association features a unique “cut-through” design that follows the meandering path of Buffalo Bayou through the city of Houston. Designed to raise public awareness of bayous as natural treasures, fine illustrations of wildlife such as a great blue heron, red-eared sliders and even a beaver capture the magic of the bayou and draw park visitors to the display.

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory –
Wetland Interpretive Signage

Interpretive Insights created signage for the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory to showcase the importance and function of wetlands along the Upper Texas Coast.

Katy Prairie Conservancy –
Native Prairie Signage

This signage was designed to support educational programming out on the Katy Prairie.

Interpretive Insights spearheaded the development of educational signage for several protected areas held by the Katy Prairie Conservancy.

George Ranch Historical Park –
Orin Covell Memorial Bird Exhibit

A memorial exhibit along the George Ranch Heritage Trail features stunning illustrations of common Texas birds, and a spotting scope to help with bird identification along this popular new trail.

George Ranch Heritage Trail –
Trailhead and Wayside Signage

Orin Covell family members at the Orin Covell Memorial Bird exhibit dedication along the George Ranch Heritage Trail.

Planned and designed by Interpretive Insights, the George Ranch Heritage Trail is an exciting addition to the George Ranch Historical Park—one of Greater Houston’s most popular tourist destinations. Elegant, hand-illustrated signage along this trail explores the life of early pioneers on the Texas Frontier.

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