Children’s Interpretation

Dinosaur Valley State Park –
Interactive Exhibits & Discovery Trail

Whimsical, interactive signage along the Wildlife Discovery Trail in Dinosaur Valley State Park was designed with all ages in mind.

Interpretive Insights created a fun “dinosaur detective” character who serves as an interpretive guide, and provides clues to help children identify common wildlife species. Each panel along the Wildlife Discovery Trail includes an interactive “flip-lid” feature which opens to reveal the answer beneath.

The Shlenker School –
Interactive Educational Signage

Interpretive Insights developed a series of colorful, interactive children’s exhibits for The BackYard at The Shlenker School in Houston. Each panel encourages sensory exploration of the BackYard habitat and includes bold cartoon-style graphics to encourage interactive outdoor learning.

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation –
Cartoon Series – Invasive Species Awareness

Interpretive Insights won the 2013 Outstanding Environmental Education Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators for this series of comic stories on biodiversity and invasive species.