“Interpretive Insights’ artistic and beautifully designed final product gets it just right! It’s no surprise that Amanda and her team came so strongly recommended to the task by conservation partners. These signs will be lasting and representative of the habitat, enjoyed by residents and me for many years to come.”

Shannon Westveer

Texas Master Naturalists

“Interpretive Insights was sensitive to our budget and even made suggestions about mounting hardware that would be cost effective and could be moved ahead of a flood. We were very happy with the end result.”

Jill Boullion

Executive Director, Bayou Land Conservancy

“I would give Interpretive Insights a glowing recommendation,” said Schold. “I can tell they really care about the product that they make.”

Liz Schold

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

“Interpretive Insights was an easy choice for me to use at MD Anderson because of the turnkey service and highly experienced staff. This type of work is so much more than signage, it’s about telling effective stories and Interpretive Insights is a leader in this.”

David Renninger

Director of Operations, Hermann Park Conservancy

“Amanda is passionate about the projects she undertakes and is thorough in her implementation of them. She has an artist’s eye, a keen biological mind, and a gift for sharing information with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.”

Carter Smith

Executive Director, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

“Amanda is one of the most talented interpreters I have ever worked with. In addition she is a pleasure to have on your team.”
Andrew Sansom

Executive Director, Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

“Amanda was knowledgeable, creative and innovative – she was wonderful to work with.”

Mary Anne Piacentini

Executive Director, The Katy Prairie Conservancy

“I have great respect for Amanda’s work. I have worked on many interpretive projects and very few possessed the scientific expertise and communication skills that Amanda has.”

Lauri Hultman

Former Outdoor Recreation Planner, USFWS

“Amanda was a wonderful and professional help—in fact, we could not have done without her! I would welcome the chance to work with her again, and recommend her very highly.”

Dr. Nancy Greig

Curator of Entomology, Houston Museum of Natural Science

“We were impressed with Amanda’s portfolio and the outstanding work products she created with us. Her collaborative professionalism and boundless patience ensured our project’s success.”

Joe Blanton

Conservation Director, Houston Arboretum and Nature Center