Musings for Uncertain Times

As I sit at my desk this morning, I find myself clinging to a sense of normalcy. Listening to some moving music, I feel a sense of communion with all those who have suffered and endured hardship through the ages. There is some consolation in the knowledge that we are all travelling through these uncertain times side by side, and shoulder to shoulder—at least in a figurative sense.

In our developed, high-tech world, I sometimes feel guilty for simply skating through life. Skimming across the surface like a skipping stone across a lake. Never really plumbing the depths about what it means to be truly human—or caring deeply about the strangers I see in the subway, or those who sit across from me on the train to work.

As we travel together through uncharted territory, we have an opportunity to re-assess our lives, our priorities, what’s truly important to us, and what we can do to help.  In my humble opinion it is quite simple. It comes down to kindness, compassion and understanding for those in need.

Stay well.

Originally from England, Amanda Hughes-Horan has an M.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University where she studied burrowing owls. She’s an avid cross-country skier and kayaker, worked for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for many years, and is the Owner and Principal of Interpretive Insights.

Amanda Hughes-Horan

Principal, Interpretive Insights